About Us
Minorities educational and charitable trust is a non profit organization. It was founded in 1983, later was registered as Trust in 1991 under the Bombay Public Trust act. This trust has also been registered under Indian trust act 1882. Initially we had started with a single institution which now has a total of 37 institutions which constitutes of special schools, High schools vocational training centers etc., The organization also works in the field of health care service by organizing health camps. We also provide vocational training in the rural area to youth and women to empower economical and social status.
Features of the Association
To build up the image, status and good will of the society and the school the professional aspects in the schools right from the beginning the features of the terms are as follows.
  • Qualitative oriented atmosphere in the schools
  • Personal care of the students  is taken   for   their learning and understanding.
  • emphasis is given on personality development
  • Cultural and social activities and programmes are given preference
  • Parents meeting and their participation in teaching learning is preferred
  • Guidance and counseling is rendering instead of punishment to the students
  • Qualified sincere and honest teachers are appoint
Need of the Association
  • An independent office is required for the authorities of the Association for conducting meeting, maintaing records etc.
  • School Buildings for various institutions
  • Full pledged Laboratory building is required to be developed for the Schools High Schools and Colleges to be Started in near future
  • Full pledged Library building is required to be developed for the Purpose. It's a dream of the association to have a separate library for children of the school and children of the city
  • Well developed computer laboratory is a need of the trust and the Schools it is a dream of this Management to spread computerized education right from the primary level to higher education
  • Management has thought of constructing a well developed hostel for the boys and girls of rural areas in future

All the possible facilities and amenities have been provided to the staff and student. The Management and its schools have contributed a lot in terms of education and semi- employment. Now there is a need of its infracture as per Govt norms and conditions. To develop its with all the latest facilities amenities services and the educational requirements the following needs are identified.

  • Fund
  • Cultural Hall
  • Gymkhana
  • Hostel for Boys/Girls
  • School Buildings
  • Play — ground
  • Computer Centre
  • Office and equipments
  • Technical Support
  • Social Support
Legal Status:

This trust is registered under
  • The Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 No: 291/83-84.date 19-11-1988
  • Bombay Public Trust act 1950, No: E -891(BGM) Date: 19-11-1991
  • Indian Trust Act T882 No: IV - 9/2009-10 Date: 13-09-2009
  • Foreign Contribution and Registration Act 1976, Government of India, No: 094440065 Date: 06-08-1999
  • Income Tax Act of 1961 for Exemption of Income Tax under section 80G (5)(VI) order No: 25/80G/CIT-BGM/08-09 Date 10-11-2008
  • Income Tax Permanent Account No: AAAAM4615 J Dated 19-12-1991